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While I am writing this, I am forgetting the fact that I am a white, middle aged, non-religious American man. I am simply a human being, and I share this planet with countless other human beings.

I may have very little formal education (I never made it past the ninth grade), but it seems to me that there are an awful lot of problems on this planet, and our leaders (who are much better educated than I am) seem to not have a clue as to how to solve these problems. I read the newspaper every day, and I also read the major news magazines, and here are some of the things I have read that make me wonder just how smart the leaders of the world are.

  • When one of you threatens to wipe someone off the map, please know everyone knows that is not going to happen, so it seems kind of foolish and childish to say it. In some countries, if you’re from a different tribe, your supposed to kill each other, I’m sorry that just does not make a single bit of sense to me.
  • It is sometimes hard to follow who is the good country and who is the bad country, since it seems to change every few weeks depending on who needs what from whom.  I would not want friends who are that fickle.
  • In the Middle East, wow, you people are truly out there, I mean give it a rest, find a way to start trusting each other, and we are all getting tired of all the hate.
  • The hate, that brings me to back to the beginning of this, let’s try something. Instead of being willing to die for your cause, let’s try willing to live for it. Instead of spending billions of dollars all over this planet making things that kill, let’s trying making things that make life better for all human beings. Lets face facts my fellow human beings, we are either going to all learn to live together or we will all perish together.

So my club is called the Live For A Cause club. There are no dues, anyone can join, there is no secret handshake, no secret decoder ring (though that would be sort of cool), and not even any shirts (though feel free to make your own). All you need to do to join is open your mind, stop hating, start to realize that we are all human beings, and we all have the right to live on this planet.

I hope that some of you will decide to join; maybe we can start something that will start to change the way all human beings think. I do not think one person can change the world, so give me some help people. I realize this is not going be an easy task; after all, many people make millions and millions of dollars on hate, and I’m sure they are going to want to keep making all that cash.

I wonder how much t-shirts would cost?

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