Exclusive excerpt from “Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze”

“Can I ask you something, Michael?”

“Sure, Missy, you can ask me anything you want.”

“OK, what was it like to never believe in anything and to never have faith?”

I thought for a moment before I answered her. I had learned that voicing my views on religion tended to rub some people the wrong way, but Missy deserved a straight answer.

“For me, Missy, belief and faith are two very different things. I have faith in myself, but I never believed in things just because I was told I was supposed to. After I met Zack and learned what I did, I realized that I was justified in my non belief.”

“So, you still don’t believe?” Missy asked.

“On no, Missy, on the contrary. I believe in what I saw. I believe Zack is the god we have believed in and worshipped for thousands of years. I honestly believe he will do exactly what he said he would if we do not show him we are capable of change. These things, I believe in.”

I still didn’t truly understand why Zack picked me out of all the people on this planet. Why the fuck was I the one he chose? I was nothing special; I had never done anything spectacular or anything that would benefit my fellow man. Hell, I was a loner and didn’t even like my fellow man all that much.

I found most of them annoying, superficial assholes. I had never been a loving person; in fact, I was generally distant and cold. I had never even truly been in love, and I had never trusted anyone. I remembered Zack had told me he chose me because I never believed in anything and I could write, but somehow, that was never enough of a reason for me.

I knew what I had to do. I just wished I knew what Zack saw in me that I never did.

Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze will be available at www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesAndNoble.com. A Kindle edition will also available through Amazon. Get your copy in February 2013!

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