How can you change the world?

In many ways I find myself in the same situation as Michael Ryan. I am trying to change the world, though I do not have our maker or an incredibly powerful dog helping me along the way.

So where do I start? How do I get you and your friends, your neighbors, and your country men to try and see things the way I do? Well let’s start with me. I went through a three-year divorce battle, and like most divorces, many things happened (most of them, unfortunately, to me).

My friends would say, “How can I let her do these things? Why do you let her tell lies about you? She is trying to ruin your business and turn your children against you!” My first book, Mr. Breeze, was born in the worst of all of this and the day finished it I met the most amazing and remarkable woman I have ever come across. We fell in love and she will be a part of the rest of my life.

I am not saying I was not angry at my ex (and I did, on occasion, lose my temper) but I never once did anything to cause her harm and I always did what I had agreed to do. Would it have felt good to take some retribution for all she had done to me? Yes, it certain would, and I truly believe no one but me understood why I did not.

You see, in some ways I am a true believer. Not in organized religions because they are nothing but a way to control and separate people. What I believe is that we can only ask the world to change if we are willing to change ourselves.

Look in the mirror today, tomorrow (hell every day!) and ask yourself “Am I ready to change? Am I ready to forgive and be tolerant?” When you are let’s all start something that can truly change the world.

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