Happiness is?

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


What is happiness? What makes people happy? Is it possible to be happy, even when life is stressing you out? Several organizations have published “happiness reports” that address what makes people the most happy. Here are some of the common findings:


·         Self-employed people are happier than corporately-employed people.

·         Feeling equality raises happiness levels.

·         Stable mental health is a large factor in happiness. The more stable you feel mentally, the happier and more optimistic you feel.

·         More trust = more happiness.

·         Good, stable home lives positively contribute to happiness.

·         Married people are happier than single people.

·         All over the world, happiness levels are more associated with social relationships than with wealth.

·         People who love their job are happier than people who are dissatisfied with work, even while they are not at work.

But THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTOR TO HAPPINESS is your emotion levels. YOU have control over your life and destiny; YOU control how you respond to situations; YOU control your thoughts; and YOU ultimately control your emotions. Now I’m not saying you should suppress your feelings if they are not good ones. That does no good. What I am saying is if you are unhappy you have the power to change your life for the better. If someone you spend time with is making you unhappy, do what you can to change that relationship, whether it is therapy or removing that person from your life. Create health boundaries for your life and how you spend your time. You will see a positive change in your attitude!

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