Be an extraordinary person!

What does it take to be an extraordinary person? I believe anyone and everyone can be extraordinary in their own special way. It is a power that comes from within yourself that gives you the empowerment to be an extraordinary, amazing person.


According to the Complete Wellbeing blog, there are seven traits that all extraordinary people express (read this excellent blog here:


  1. People who are extraordinary take action to make the changes in the world they wish to see. Anyone can have ideas and thoughts about making the world a better place, but they will not materialize if they only continue to exist in your head! It takes courage and time to take action and do something good for the world, but this is what one must do if they want to become a spectacular person.
  2. People who are extraordinary have attitudes that are extraordinary. This attitude exists both within and outside of your mind. You have to believe you are an extraordinary person! Once you believe this about yourself, others will sense that you are a great person and they will believe in your vision for the world. Extraordinary attitude is a combination of many qualities: courage, humbleness, bravery, thoughtfulness, advocacy, vision, kindness, gratefulness, and hopefulness, just to name a few. When you balance these traits you will be seen as an extraordinary person and people will be in awe of you!
  3. You have a choice between becoming an extraordinary person and just being an ordinary person. Be proactive! Be the extraordinary person! If it was easy everyone would be ordinary. Yes, it takes more effort and energy to be extraordinary, but you must be extraordinary to make positive changes in the world.
  4. Being an extraordinary person requires effort. Like I said, if it were easy everyone would do it!
  5. Being an extraordinary person requires discipline. I believe everyone has what it takes to be an extraordinary person, but not everyone has the motivation, effort, and discipline it takes to achieve extraordinariness. Be proactive! Practice extraordinariness every day!
  6. Be willing to learn. Nobody knows everything. We are all on this planet to learn and grow. Since extraordinary people are still “people”, they too are constantly learning and evolving into better people.
  7. You must believe you are extraordinary. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will start to believe in you too! If you lose your faith in your own abilities, you will stop trying and just be an ordinary person. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Keep the faith; you are an amazing person and have what it takes to make a positive impact in the world and in your community.


Michael Ryan, the main character in “Mr. Breeze” and “Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze” had to believe in himself to become an extraordinary person. These books are available on Kindle for the new, low price of $0.99! Get your copy today!

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