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Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze
Morrie Richfield

9780615736464 $11.95 pbk. / $0.99 Kindle 

The striking sequel to "Mr. Breeze" (9780615461038, $11.95 pbk. / $0.99 Kindle), Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze takes place two years later, and the future of all humanity hangs by a thread. Mankind's Creator has set foot on Earth, observing how selfish, violent, and cruel people have failed to heed the warning to reform their ways. Michael Ryan is at a crossroads, not only for the fate of humanity, but also concerning his lifelong, ingrained beliefs. The onset of Revelation has arrived, in this sober, thought-provoking, and captivating novel that keeps the reader in suspense to the very end!

Willis M. Buhle

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Title: Revelation the Return of Mr. Breeze
Author: Morrie Richfield
Publisher: Morrie Richfield
ISBN: 0615736467
Pages: 184, Paperback/Kindle
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis

Date review completed: April 10, 2013

How would you handle yourself if you were the one and only messenger that could help change the
fate of the world? Would you rise to the occasion or be so afraid of failure that you didn’t even try?
What if you went from great popularity and fame to a world where your name was associated with
great hatred and scorn? In Revelation, Morrie Richfield’s follow-up novel to Mr. Breeze, Michael Ryan
finds himself navigating and juggling between these two worlds. It seems as if, for the time being, he
has decided not to share the message that was truly designed for only him to deliver and has
exchanged that for a reclusive life with no responsibilities. He can’t disappoint himself or others if he
just doesn’t even get out there and do anything. Just as with his previous novel, the reader can draw
many comparisons between the actions in this novel and the actions of the world around them. How
often have we not tried something for fear of greatness or of actually succeeding?

Two years after the many miracles performed by Zack, aka Mr. Breeze, and the writing of the book
that shook religious organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and every day citizens alike, the world
is a no better place than it had been before. Sure, at first there had been great changes but
skepticism and greed took over. In fact, taking no heed to Zack’s warnings, mankind seems even
more destructive than ever. Even Michael himself, the author of the earth-shattering book, has
slipped in a weed-induced recluse with little to do with the world around him. After meeting his
charming, and beautiful, neighbor, and having a dream that seemed foreign yet all too familiar,

Michael begins to come out of his trance and realize that he, that all individuals can make a difference
if they only take action. This happens just in time, as Zack’s patience with mankind has run thin and
drastic measures must be taken to try to turn around the awaiting doom.

Armed with this new mission and self-awareness, and with the aid of Rover, a dog with superpowers
that only a great maker could give, Michael renews his goal to save mankind from themselves. Some
of those who doubt become believers, which others who doubt become even more strengthened in
their resolve to disprove the theories in Michael’s book.

As mentioned earlier, the similarities one can see between the characters and emotions in the book
can become quite eerie. It has the remnants of both what is good and what is wrong with our world
today. This is a thought provoking book that not only makes you want to know the end of the story,
but the end of our own story as well. Revelation the Return of Mr. Breeze is a great read! Told in a
way you would never expect. I couldn't put it down -creative, engaging, well written and highly

Now available: REVELATION: the sequel to MR. BREEZE

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